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If hiking is not your thing, then you might prefer relaxing in the picturesque town of Limbe, perfectly located between Mount Cameroon and the Atlantic Ocean. This genuine haven of peace really contrasts with the volcanic landscape with its vast black-sandy beaches.

Folks of the country believe the black sand has magic powers and this belief is communicated to tourists. The dark shores are home to beach lovers and local fisherman, and it is fascinating to sit back and watch the fishermen going about their chores.

Renowned for its perfect surfing waves, Limbe also plays host to Mile Six Beach. Not too crowded but close enough to be convenient, Mile Six offers a calm setting for picnicking, sunbathing, and other beach activities.

The Limbe beach is located near Douala.On the journey to its shores you are surrounded by miles of lush greenery. With views of the Atlantic Ocean, clear blues skies and Mount Cameroon in the background the landscape is simply stunning and the photo opportunities endless.

You will be jumping out of your vehicle several times to simply breathe in the amazing air and absorb the view. And once you get there you're guranteed to not want to leave.