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Diplomatic Missions in Cameroon


Embassies & High Commissions in Cameroon

Algeria, Yaounde (Embassy)
- Belgium, Yaounde (Embassy)
Brazil, Yaounde (Embassy)
Canada, Yaounde (High Commission)
Central African Republic, Yaounde (Embassy)
Chad, Yaounde (Embassy)
China, Yaounde (Embassy)
Congo (Republic), Yaounde (Embassy)
Cote d´Ivoire, Yaounde (Embassy)
Egypt, Yaounde (Embassy)
Equatorial Guinea, Yaounde (Embassy)
France, Yaounde (Embassy)
Gabon, Yaounde (Embassy)
Germany, Yaounde (Embassy)
Greece, Yaounde (Embassy)
Holy See (Vatican City), Yaounde (Embassy)
Israel, Yaounde (Embassy)
Italy, Yaounde (Embassy)
Japan, Yaounde (Embassy)
Korea (Republic), Yaounde (Embassy)
Liberia, Yaounde (Embassy)
Libya, Yaounde (Embassy)
Morocco, Yaounde (Embassy)
Nigeria, Yaounde (High Commission)
Russia, Yaounde (Embassy)
Saudi Arabia, Yaounde (Embassy)
South Africa - Yaounde (High Commission)
Spain, Yaounde (Embassy)
Switzerland, Yaounde (Embassy)
Tunisia, Yaounde (Embassy)
Turkey, Yaounde (Embassy)
United Kingdom, Yaounde (High Comission)
United States, Yaounde (Embassy)


Consulates in Cameroon

Belgium, Douala (Consulate)
Burkina Faso, Yaounde (Consulate)
Canada, Douala (Consulate)
- Central African Republic, Douala (Consulate) in process of opening
China, Douala (Consulate)
Cyprus, Yaounde (Consulate)
Czech Republic, Douala (Consulate)
Denmark, Douala (Consulate)
Finland, Yaounde (Consulate)
France, Douala (Consulate General)
France, Garoua (Consulate)
- Greece, Douala (Consulate)
- Guinea, Yaounde (Consulate)
Hungary, Douala (Consulate)
India, Douala (Consulate)
Italy, Douala (Vice Consulate)
Malta, Yaounde (Consulate)
- Monaco - Douala, Consulate
Nigeria, Buea (Consulate)
Nigeria, Douala (Consulate General)
Norway, Yaounde (Consulate General)
Norway, Douala (Consulate General)
Poland, Yaounde (Consulate)
Senegal, Yaounde (Consulate)
Senegal, Douala (Consulate)
Sweden, Yaounde (Consulate)
Togo, Douala (Consulate)
Tunisia, Douala (Consulate)


Other Representations in Cameroon

United States, Douala (Embassy Branch Office (EBO)