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NIGHT LIFE: Clubs, Pubs & Discos

Cameroon's major cities throb to the beat of music throughout the week. Street bars line the roads as the sun goes down and revellers go into the night in search of a good time. From chic cocktail bars to jam-packed nightclubs, Cameroon's nightlife has it all.

Georges 5 Night Club

Description: The privileged place of entertainment in Douala. This is one of the biggest clubs in the capital, ideally located in the heart of the city, it plays host to a number of themed events and you can dance the night away to all your favourite house, dance, and disco and Rock all under one roof.  

Location: Rue  Bebey, Eyidi  Akwa, Douala

Contact: +237 70 32 81 88 / +237 95 44 77 64 / +237 33 60 29 48

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Le Katios

Decription: Having recently re-opened its doors to Cameroon’s clubbers Le Katios disco is competing to be the best nightspot in Yaoundé. With "Indomitable" owners, professional service and an international DJ, the only thing missing is you charming customers. Join them for frenzied evenings.

Location: Yaoundé, Cameroon

Contact: +237 75124173 / +237 97957360

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L’etoile Night Club

Description: Welcome to one of Cameroon's premier nights out. Playing host to a number of dazzling themed events from Avatar to Playboy. Dig out your best costume and dance the night away. Their motto: Gluttony, sloth, lust: these are the three cardinal virtues, virtues of the Feast. Paradise on earth.

Location: Akwa ( ancien Crystal - derrière le glacier moderne), Douala

Contact: +237 71 82 82 45

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L'Olympia Club

Description: Centrally located in the administrative district of Bonanjo, Olympia is a great and spacious nightclub which has a dining area for small and large appetites in the middle of the night. Partitioned into several areas positioned around the dance floor, the Olympia is adjustable and accomodates large crowds. Despite its large capacity, it is highly advisable to book.

Location: Bonanjo -Douala

Contact: +237 74 20 20 20/ +237 94 20 20 20

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Olympic Night Club

Description: This is the night club in the luxurious Hotel Djeuga Palace. It entertains the wealthy, well connected youth in Yaounde. The ultra-modern, chic atmosphere will have you dancing until the sun comes up.

Location: Avenue Narvick Hôtel Djeuga Palace, Yaounde

Contact: +237 22 22 46 46

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Description: Located in the heart of the chic residential district of Douala (Bonapriso) Opium attracts stylish, cosmolitan customers who know how to have a good time.  Recently established, Opium has the latest technology in sound and light and all the facilities to ensure a non-stop atmosphere and quality service. If you come in a group, it is recommended to book.

Location: Rue Batibois, Bonapriso-Douala


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Orange Metallic

Description: Since its inception a decade ago, OM (as it is called in Douala) is a club that has always adapted to trends. The OM is a force in the nightlife of Douala, attracting the elite expats and international party goers.

Location: Bonanjo, Douala

Contact: +237 99 69 53 61

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La Sanza Night club



Contact: +237 91 31 31 31 /+237 91 34 34 34

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Safari Club

Safari CLUB Yaounde

Description: The sexiest nighclub to be seen in Yaounde. Sophisticate, stylish, table service available you will not be dissapointed if you opt to spend your evening in this glamorous establishment. So dress to impress, get your dancing shoes beacuse you're in for a long night.

Location: Avenue Churchill, Yaounde

Contact: +237 98570927 / 70 00 80 00/ 94 88 80 88


Sous Sol Bar

Description: Here the show never ends, every Saturday spend an amazing evening with equally amazing friends and dance to your favourite anthems played to you by the deadly remix DJ team. Guaranteed to raise the roof and give you the night of your life.

Location: Mendong, Yaounde

Contact: +237 79 91 93 4



Description: Certainly living up to its name this night time hotspot attracts a VIP crowd and offers a world class night of music, cocktails and dancing until your feet fall off.

Location: Derrières les tribunes, Mai, Yaounde

Contact: +237 99 75 31 53

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