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Health News of Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Source: The Sun Newspaper

All must be done against Ebola - Public health minister

Public Health minister, Andre Mama Fouda says Cameroon will continue to put in place stringent measures to ensure that the country remains safe from an Ebola virus outbreak.

The minister during a 2-day working mission to assess the situation at Cameroon’s border in Ekok, in Manyu division Southwest region, first made stops at the Bota wharf in Limbe, and that of Tiko port, to see for himself that the ports are closed.

During the visits, the minister observed that the ports are still closed and there is no transportation between Cameroon and Nigeria.

He and his delegation further went to the confinement unit (quarantine), to ensure that all those being kept there for observation are in good conditions.

Minister Mama Fouda reiterated that Cameroon has already taken significant measures against the Ebola Virus disease, as FCFA 630 million has been mobilised by the State to support the national response plan against the disease, thus all must be done to ensure that the country remains safe from the very contagious and often fatal disease.

The minister however insisted that till date, no case of the virus has been recorded in the country, and “The government is striving to maintain the country in this state, and is urging everyone to be actively involved”, he said.

According to the health minister, Cameroonians, in supporting the fight against the Ebola Virus, must have a change of habit, like limiting hugs and embraces, frequent washing of hands with soap and clean water, avoid contact with and consuming bush meat (particularly monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, antelopes and bats), notify health personnel if they have recently stayed in an affected country, report immediately to health personnel all cases of fever accompanied by headache, severe fatigue, muscular pain sore throat, vomiting, diarrhoea or bleeding (nose, eyes, mouth bleeding etc) and avoid all contacts with such persons.

Also, minister Mama Fouda emphasised that in if there is any case of an infected person, Cameroonians should be sensitive enough not to get in contact with such a person, but wait for the arrival of a health personnel, who is the only one authorised to clean vomits and other secretions, disinfect clothing and transport the suspected person, and in the event of death, they should avoid traditional rituals and autopsies on the deceased and urgently entrust the burial to the sanitary service of the municipality.

“In no case should you take the place of the health personnel or sanitary service, and although these measures seem to be restrictive, it is at this cost that we can protect ourselves, our families and Cameroon against the Ebola virus disease”, he warned.

Also, according to the director of the Limbe Ports Authority, Ndive Thomas, though there is a huge fall in the income which usually comes in from the activities at the port, due to the closure as a result of the virus, it is a very necessary step because health is very important.

He told The Sun in a chat that they do not regret the loss and the port will remain close until all risk of the disease is over.

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