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Business News of Thursday, 30 April 2015

Source: Cameroon Tribune

1st edition of phytosanitary index presented in Yaounde

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Information relating to products used for the culture gathered in the first edition of the phytosanitary index was presented in Yaounde.

The Phytosanitary indexes of Cameroon is a guide that defines the niche and information relevant to stakeholders in the agricultural sector. It shows a list of 808 approved pesticides and 19 treatment devices certified since the beginning of the registration process of pesticides in 1996 and Certification of treatment devices in 2014.

At the programme attended by the several members of the government, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER), Essimi Menye, declared that the preface of the book presented yesterday April 29 in Yaoundé is a document which the agricultural sector operators will find technical and regulatory information on legislation governing the importation, marketing and use of pesticides.

Especially, the farmer will be educated on the type of fertilizer, product to use to cultivate crops. Basically, it provides a compass for obtaining the product you need for a given culture. "This also helps to warn against procedures that may subject farmers to risks of poisoning and pollution," said MINADER.

Especially since, as noted by Francis Leku Azenaku, director of regulation and quality control of inputs and agricultural products in MINADER, the Cameroonian market of plant protection is plagued by smuggling and some local products are intercepted abroad for non-compliance.

The 293-page document is a means to disseminate information on active substances which are prohibited and regulated in Cameroon. It contains data on appropriate methods of struggle against the enemies of culture and provides updated information on plant protection products. In a competitive environment, the choice of product to use is critical.

Therefore, the MINADER has insisted that the proper use of this information and the good agricultural and phytosanitary practices will make Europe more competitive to Cameroonian agriculture and facilitate its switch to a second-generation agriculture.

Plant protection products registered in Cameroon concern crops like banana, cocoa, cotton, sugar cane, rubber, corn, coffee, rice, tomato etc

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