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Regional News of Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Source: Cameroon Journal

Sasse College is a Pace Setter – Buea Bishop

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Immanuel Balanjo Bushu, Bishop of the Diocese of Buea has said “Saint Joseph’s College (SJC) Sasse is a Pace Setter”, with its former and current students holding strong to the values of leadership and excellence.

The proprietor and alumnus of SJC was speaking in a homily drawn from the Gospel of Mathew last Saturday, December 20 during the 75th anniversary celebrations of Sasse College under the distinguished patronage of President Paul Biya – represented by Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, Higher Education Minister.

Proud of the training and formation he got at SJC Sasse, Bishop Bushu said 75 years is indeed a long way down the line for the college and the core values of leadership and excellence have remained the same.

Rev. Fr. Peter Nouck, Principal of the College said, it was a “…singular occasion of recognition and veneration of the oldest secondary school in the western part of the Republic of Cameroon.”

“I call its recognition because at 75, Sasse College stands out as a reputable secondary school in Cameroon, and thus takes the pride of place as the first educational institution in the western part of Cameroon to open the eyes of a majority of Cameroonians to aspire to the higher and lofty ideals of a true education that is based on sound moral upbringing.” Fr. Nouck said.

He boasted that for 75 years and counting, Sasse College has taken the front seat of excellence both in academics and curricular activities. Prof. Julius Oben, in an academic discourse at the Platinum Jubilee on the theme “Sasse College: Leadership and Excellence for an emerging Cameroon” said Sasse College has fulfilled its obligations.

Prof. Ephraim Ngwafor, President General of the Sasse Old Boys Association (SOBA – an alumni association of Sasse College) said when they took office on August 10, 2013, their wish was to see a successful 75th anniversary celebrations. “Life is dynamic. Only the uncertainty is certain. When we took over leadership of the Sasse Old Boys Association, we defined short term and long term priorities. We’ve done work on the road that leads into Sasse College, we’ve constructed the main gate thanks to SOBA Yaoundé chapter, SOBA today has a giant website,” he said.

On what to expect next after the celebrations, Ngwafor said: “Just the fact that we have started with what we have done today, the proprietor and the college authorities now know that we mean business. We want to join them and draw a 10-year development plan. Each year, we’ll know the next step to take. It is our dream to secure a land title for Sasse College. Water is not enough for the close to 1000 students here. I’m proud to announce that when we spoke to CAMWATER, they gave us a favourable response and we pray that come 2015, there will be enough water. We also thank MTN Foundation for promising to construct a state-of-the-art library in Sasse College, one reminiscent of excellence.”

Prof. Ngwafor expressed the wish to see a University of Sasse soon. Jacques Fame Ndongo, representative of the Head of State at the celebrations said President Biya is happy with the hard work and sacrifice made by Sasse College to develop Cameroon.

He promised gov’t support to the college before handing over a package from the Head of State to the proprietor.

Sasse College

Saint Joseph’s College Sasse first opened its doors in February 1939 to a first batch of 75 students. It was created about eight months before the outbreak of the Second World War.

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