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Actualités Régionales of Saturday, 2 August 2014

Source: The Guardian Post Newspaper

NW transporters pull out of Francophone-led syndicates

Transporters in the North West region have pulled out from Francophone-led trade unions in protest against the decision by the Francophone transporters’ trade unions to suspend a planned strike action earlier scheduled for last Monday.

Speaking to pressmen in Bamenda, Sunday, July 28, the president of the North West Land Transport Drivers’ Union, Tatah Donard Silav accused their Francophone colleagues, especially those of the Centre and Littoral regions of self centeredness. He stated that prices of commodities like cooking gas and petrol are cheaper in Douala and Yaounde than in Bamenda.

He regrettably stated that when decisions are taken on issues that affect fuel prices, the peculiarities of Bamenda are never taken into consideration. He also accused Francophone transport trade union leaders of egoism and dubious tendencies.

Tatah, who handed The Guardian Post a copy of a press release calling off the strike, expressed with regret why the release bore only the name of Zambo Amougou whereas the strike action was agreed upon and document signed by 12 trade union leaders.

“Amougou could not be reached by phone after the press release was issued. How can a trade union leader's number not be available after such a crucial and risky decision like calling off a nationwide strike action”? Tatah questioned.

Tatah said the timing of the strike was even poor, given that it coincided with the Moslem feast of Ramadan. He assured fellow North West transporters that their strike action will commence on August 11 in respect of an agreement with Cameroonian authorities that they would wait for 21 days and embark on a strike action if their demands were not met.

Tatah, however, said his union was ready for meaningful dialogue with government, given that the country was facing threats from the Islamic sect, Boko Haram and all hands are needed on deck to combat the external enemy.

He warned that should government fail to consider the peculiar situation of the North West region, they would be left with no option than to embark on a solemn strike action beginning August 11.

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