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Regional News of Monday, 11 May 2015

Source: cameroon-info.net

Fire burns down shop at Manguiers

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A shop at Manguiers in Yaounde has reportedly been completely razed by fire.

According to our sources, it was exactly 11 pm when a small iron shop and its contents was entirely consumed by fire at the Manguiers district in Yaounde 1, in the Department of Mfoundi, Central Region.

The fire alert was raised by a good samaritan aboard a taxi who happened to use the road behind the Manguiers church. She noticed that the iron door of the shop had turned completely red from fire that had started from inside the shop.

Alighting from the vehicle with the taxi driver, the lady crossed the road and knocked on the first door at the back of the shop to report the fire to one Gerard, a pharmacist.

It is the latter who called firefighters at Etoudi approximately one kilometre from the Manguiers church after the first report by telephone was met with a no water response, according to the testimony of Gérard.

It was only after these two phone calls that Gerard, helped by his wife, a fruit seller at the small crossroads began to pour water on the shop while his nephew called the owner who was deeply asleep.

When the fire was finally quenched by Gérard, his neighbour, Joseph the owner of the shop and the neighborhood youth and Mimboman firefighters arrived with water but it was already too late.

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