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Health News of Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

NW Administrator to promote healthcare

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Fondoh Richard states preparedness to manage the North West Regional Health Fund.

Credited as the welcome facility to enhance access to quality medicine, the North West Regional Fund for health promotion has commissioned a new Administrator to give a fresh push to their strife to attain their golden objective of improving health care.

In effect, Dr Fondoh Richard Mbarika is the new man to chart the way forward on the strength of an event that took him to the helm on April 25, 2014 with the Inspector General in the North West governor’s office in the chair. It was a rare moment to stress the mission of the Fund, summed up in improving on the health care of the region by increasing access to high quality medicines, diagnostic materials and hospital equipment at affordable prices.

The Fund emerges as a dialogue structure with generic medicines to offer at affordable prices at health centers and hospital pharmacies. It promotes solidarity for health care at low cost and assists communities to set up and manage their mutual health organisations.

In one lump sum, staring the new Administrator, Fondoh Richard, on the face is the challenge to rise to expectation in ensuring better health for the population by improving the performance of the health system. The clocks stroke 3 pm when Fondoh Richard took office with a stated preparedness to give the Fund a chance to be counted as a blessing in health care.

From the look of things, the Administrator is an old horse in the sector with experience to show as the former Pharmacist of the same facility which he now leads. Collaborators sound off about his competence and ability to set records straight in a sector where half measures are not condoned.

Fondoh Richard Mbarika is a product of the University of Nigeria-Nsukka and GHS Mbengwi. He succeeds Bungwa Haynes Buma.

On hand to chair the event that charged the new Administrator to work, the Management Committee chairman, Daki Sylvester Francis urged Fondoh to humble himself and showcase hard work, tact and emerge as a leader where team spirit overwhelms. The Fund features the government of Cameroon and the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) as partners.

They also sound off with over 150 community pharmacies and health districts set up as dialogue structures. They supply over 10 tonnes of essential drugs annually and build the capacity of pharmacy attendants and dialogue structure members, store and distribute Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS drugs.

In short, the North West Special Fund for health promotion stands by the priorities of the Ministry of Public Health.

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