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Health News of Friday, 12 December 2014

Source: CRTV

15 children with genital malformation operated upon in Yaounde

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15 children with genital malformation have undergone surgery at the Gaenacological Obstetric Centre in Yaounde.

The free surgery which was limited only to children of less than 18 years was carried out for more than two weeks under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health in partnership with the Swiss Government.

Three year old Khloe Boeny Kouam is one of the 15 beneficiaries of this free surgery. Part of her vagina was enclosed and invisible rendering her sterile.

But after the operation, surgeons said it was possible for her to make children (at her adolescence) even though through surgery.

Since this campaign was launched five years ago, 150 operations have been carried out in children.

Among the 15 recent surgeries, a Cameroonian born surgeon Professor Mouafo successfully carried out six.

According to Minister Andre Mama Fouda, such an initiative which has permitted each child to regain their natural identity is worth encouraging.

He called on the four Cameroonian Medical Doctors who are already experts in this field to work in synergy so as to guarantee success in a complex field as such.

Parents whose children are victims of genital mal-formation were also encouraged to register earlier at the Gaenacological Paediatric Centre since these specialists come just twice per year to carry out such surgery.

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