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General News of Saturday, 17 October 2015

Source: CRTV

National mourning: Cameroonians honour pilgrims who died in Mecca

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Cameroonians have observed October 16, 2015, as the day for national mourning for the over the 70 Cameroonian pilgrims crushed during the stampede in Mina near Mecca on 24th September 2015.

The observation was decreed by the Head of State, H.E. Paul Biya on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Downtown Yaounde, there was some solemnity in the air. Though workers, businessmen and students carry out their daily activities, the mood this morning has been one of general meekness and calm.

In secondary schools, a minute of silence was observed during the usual morning assembly in honour of the fallen pilgrims.

A similar situation was recorded at some offices this morning as most workers dressed in black observed a minute of silence before work started.

In the meantime, the national flag is flying at half-mast, as required during national mourning.

As the day continued to unfold, prayers were being said in Mosques while the bereaved continue to trust in Allah’s divine will.

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