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Severin Cecile Abega


Abega Cecile[1]
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Severin Cecile Abega was born in 1955 at Saa in the South of Cameroon. He died on March 24, 2008 in Yaoundé, the Capital (political and administrative) city of Cameroon.

He studied anthropology, and was a well-established Cameroonian writer producing classics like "Les Bimanes". Abega tried to stay objective and to discuss the changes in the Cameroonian society good or bad. With his great sense of humour and his mastery of the language, he was able to relate the realities of corruption in a country marred by it.

Les Bimanes (1982) is book of seven short stories. They all relate to the humanity, and the social conditions prevalent in the Cameroonian society. Full of humour, Abega tries to show the society as it is in both a formal and informal way. His mastery of the language, and his great sense of humour have made this book a classic of Cameroonian literature, especially taught in high school.

In Le Bourreau (2004) a man tells the story of his friend who will be executed by a professional who receives his orders from people at the higher echelons of society. Kyrielle, a young lady, tries to see him to plead the life of her boyfriend, but falls in love with the "bourreau". This book, again full of humor, succeeds in relating the desensitization of society in the faces of horror. At the time of his death, he was teaching at the Catholic Institute of Africa, in Yaoundé, Cameroon.