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Charles Sylvestre Ateba Eyene


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Charles Sylvestre Ateba Eyeneharles was a writer, politician and Cameroonian teacher. The prolific “essayist” was an alternate member of the Central Committee of the CPDM and lecturer at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC).

Charles Ateba Eyene (15th Jan 1972 - 21 Feb 2014) was born in Bikoka, eastern Cameroon, into a poor polygamous family and raised by his mother, a housewife, and father, who was a technician for Water and Forests. After his primary studies, Charles became a prolific student actor. He has several degrees including a P.H.D. in Political Communication, a Bachelor of Arts Modern French, degree in Inspection Documentation (southern region of Cameroon). His academic success, his books, articles and statements on social media and particularly radio and television have made him a renowned character in Cameroon and abroad.

People admired his statements and his courage, and saw him like a son of the country working for the triumph of justice, fighting against corruption, occult practices and fights for National Recovery.

A multidisciplinary person and very active on all fronts, Charles Ateba Eyene was one of the most prominent political and intellectual actors of his generation, known for his commitment and sometimes controversial books. He was also recognized as a very active member of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM), the ruling political party for which he was still one of the communicators.

Author of over 15 great success books, Charles Ateba never really appreciated national publishers, judging them as: lack of professionals, peer-reviewed, lack of means. But he also mentioned that it is through the sales of his books that he easily succeed in his life, meanwhile he was also an employee of the Ministry of Arts and Culture.

His taste for politics came from his father once a member of the CPDM. Charles forge himself in High School and University where he seduced by his speeches, his eloquence and candour. Precisely this latter character has often given him some direct threats.

In one of his books he denounced what he called “micro- tribalism” of the Paul Biya regime, referring to the balkanization of the South region. In his book "The Cameroon under the dictatorship of the Lodges, Sects, the Magico- anal and mafia networks" he hung Freemasonry of Cameroon, this earned him criticism from the Freemasons , the press as the political actors. In “Paradoxes of the host country ," Charles denounced on elites that benefit the regime , not wanting to lose their privileges and positions and uses "means" to achieve this.

Despite sometimes being shrouded in controversy Charles remained a personality quite popular and appreciated among the young people, which also earned him being elected in 2012 as the favourite personality of Cameroon by the Multimedia Group Press Force One. He sadly died aged just 42 on February 21st, 2012.