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Regional News of Saturday, 28 February 2015

Source: cameroon-info.net

Yaoundé sub-prefect stops SDF women's march against blackout

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The march that was scheduled to take place on, March 6, 2015 in the Borough of Yaoundé IV has been stopped by the sub-prefect who deems it an act of public disorder.

The sub-prefect of the District of Yaoundé IV hence does not approve of the march organized by SDF women of Yaoundé IV in conjunction with the international day of women.

Martin Licko Motassi signed a decree on February 24, 2015 responding to the request for authorization made by the local chapter of the women's branch of the main party of the Cameroonian opposition.

"It is prohibited throughout the Borough of Yaoundé IV, the protest in March was proposed by the Coordinator of women of the SDF of Yaoundé IV in conjunction with the celebration of the international day of the woman Friday, March 06, 2015…" read the document made public by the civil administrator.

The reason for the ban is according to him, the fact that "the said march is likely to seriously jeopadize public order". On the other hand, the conference debate scheduled on March 5, 2014 in the premises of the SDF at Ekounou is authorized.

SDF Women in Yaoundé IV wanted to protest the blackouts in electricity and water supply in the District of Yaoundé IV.

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