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Regional News of Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Source: The Median Newspaper

The royal family will give us a king-Chief Njombe Njoke

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There were some disagreements between the chiefs and the family over the burial of Chief SML Endeley? Can you clear the air on this?

When the Nakuve passed on, I was not around. And because I could not be contacted by phone I was not present at the mortuary that evening. But in the morning, my colleagues came to me and gave me the picture of what happened. I drove straight to the palace with a cream of my executive members of the Buea sub-divisional chiefs’ conference.

At the palace, we met Pa’s son and gave him the stance of the chiefs. We also gave him a liaison person, our protocol officer, to work with him. We gave him the conditions for the burial rites. But as it would appear some people think that they can do everything by themselves and the way they want.

Truely, we were not happy that the Nakuve was exposed in public. However, we were happy when finally the children understood with us and accepted to bury the king according to the tradition that their father incarnated. I think where ever the Nakuve has gone to he must be smiling with joy and pride that he was well buried.

What about the succession, has the process started?

I don’t want to believe that there is any problem with the succession in Buea. I am aware that there are problems with the succession in Limbe. But to the best of my knowledge and understanding, the people of Buea are more mature. At the level of the chiefs, we understand that chiefs don’t create other chiefs. No chief creates another chief in another man’s chiefdom.

In my dialect, it is said that no house can enter into another one. The Buea Royal family is made of very civilized and mature people. They will sit together and choose a new king for us. And when they will present us the king, we will anoint him, enthrone him and crown him. We don’t want the succession in Buea to be like that in Limbe.

But it is almost a year since the passing of the Nakuve and there is no news of any consultative talks. Are you not worried?

No, it is still too early to be worried. We are just a few months after his burial. You know death is something that leaves wounds, and we think the wounds are supposed to be healed. I want to believe the royal family is waiting for the wounds to be completely healed and I think they are healing fast.

But I must tell you that most of the problems we have in our chieftaincy successions always come from the chairmen of the traditional councils. But Buea is very fortunate to have a wonderful chairman who, to the best of my knowledge, has not shown any interest in the stool. I think he will exercise fair-play.

Is there anything you regret that the Nakuve Chief Endeley should have done but which he failed to do before he died?

Well, I think if he was still alive and strong, he would have put order in the CPDM house in Buea. Today the politicians are divided in camps. Even in land disputes, we looked up to him as our chief priest. Even if it meant stepping on some people’s toes Pa made sure he took firm decisions that protected the general interest of the community.

He was that type of person who could stand up and call on whoever to sit down or stand up. So, like I said, we will always miss him and his wisdom. The vacuum his disappearance has created can not be easily filled.

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