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Actualités Régionales of Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Source: The Median Newspaper

Task force alert against human trafficking and child labor

Magistrates and State Counsels in the South West Region in particular and Cameroon at large, have been urged to go an extra mile in order to fish out cases of trafficking in persons and slavery in and around their spheres of jurisdictions so as to bring the perpetrators to book.

The call was made by the President of the "Task Force" for the fight against trafficking in persons and slavery in the South West Region, Justice Gang George, during their mid-term evaluation meeting that took place at the Kumba City Council Hall Friday August 8, 2014

The meeting whose main aims were to evaluate works done so far by members in the South West Region concerning cases of trafficking in persons and slavery and also the sensitization of the population about the existence of such cases in Cameroon, saw the presentation of reports from the various Magistrates on how such cases are being fished out and handled in their various jurisdictions or courts.

According to Justice Gang George, police officers, social workers, NGOs, Religious authorities, traditional rulers, the media and even ordinary citizens have been alert to report any suspicious case of slavery or trafficking in persons without any delay.

Among the presentations by the various Judges as concerns the cases of trafficking and slavery however, were the cases of a 52 year old woman found in Mamfe in possession of a months old baby boy whom is believed to have been delivered through spiritual means in Nigeria, and also the case of one that was found in possession of a twin baby boy in Batibo in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, who is believed she also stole the child at the Latani Street Fiango in Kumba explained both the Judges of Mamfe and Kumba respectively.

Justice Gang George further explains that, the South West Regional "Task Force" that was created by a Prime Ministerial Decree, is not only aim at fishing out cases of trafficking in persons and slavery and bringing the perpetrators to book, but also on how to take care of the victims of these illegal practices.

Thus, sensitization, he challenged everyone present at the meeting to help sensitize the general public about such cases as he believed many people are unaware and asked them to report any suspicious cases of trafficking in persons and slavery to the authorities at their area of jurisdictions.

Being a newly created organization, he challenged members to put in their best to see that such cases are eliminated in Cameroon. He called on the Government to support the cause so that their work can be effectively carried out in and around the whole territory.

"We have to seek the help of informants because we cannot carryout the work alone, and material, and some subsidies should be provided to these informants to motivate them in carrying out their task."

Their next meeting has been scheduled for September 12, 2014 in Buea, where further sensitization campaign would be carried out.

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