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Regional News of Monday, 21 December 2015

Source: hilltopvoices

Quail incubator maker at Bamenda III Mini Agro pastoral show

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The esplanade of the Nkwen Fon’s Palace recently was host to a variety of food items produced across the municipality for the last one year.

The event was the annual mini agro pastoral show of the municipality organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

While a majority of the farmers showed up with farm produce like yams, cassavas, maize, Honey, plantain, palm fruits, cattle, pigs and others, Joel Ankongha showed up with quail birds and their incubator. The 23years gentleman of Kom extraction became a strong force of attraction when he mounted his bush lamb powered incubator.

Though specialized in automobile repairs during his days in the Technical school, Joel in 2011 decided to embark on the creation of an incubator to grow quail birds which are according to him are in high demand for many reasons including medicinal.

Made alongside a border for nurturing of the birds, Joel told hilltopvoices that his incubator was made to accommodate both an electrical and bush lamb systems.

With a digital thermometer to constantly relay to Joel the inner temperature of the incubator, there is a thermostat then a battery that functions perfectly to ensure the success of the production process.

Feeling very fulfilled, Joel told hilltopvoices that he makes some substantial amount of money from the quail birds and eggs.

He adds that though he has been training a few people on the production and marketing of quail, he still expresses the wish to do more as his contribution to fighting poverty.

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