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Regional News of Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Mezam Administration Calms Bitter Fulanis

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Bitter members of the Socio-Cultural Association for Livestock Breeders of Cameroon (SODELCO) have been advised to stand by the law, work for the unity of the Fulani race and seek redress for wrong-doing through appropriate channels.

In effect, their frustrations were topical during the general assembly of SODELCO in Bamenda on September 7, 2012 when they denounced the fellow Mbororo Cultural and Development Association (MBOSCUDA) for what they describe as misrepresentation. They said the Mbororo are claiming that Fulanis are marginalised in Cameroon in their bid to fetch funding from foreign philanthropies. The National Vice President of SODELCO, Abdel Aziz Hamidou stressed the point when he later told the Press that Fulanis are proud people and do not feel less privileged as Cameroonians.

It was against this backdrop that Samuel Chemuta who sat in for the SDO of Mezam at the session urged Fulanis to minimise misunderstandings between SODELCO and MBOSCUDA because both associations have Cameroonians as members with rights and obligations. He challenged SODELCO members to seek redress in the administration when their rights are tampered upon and prescribed the unity of Fulanis as a priority for progress.

Samuel Chemuta said Cameroon is a State of Law and there is more to gain by staying united and peaceful as Fulanis. He said SODELCO and MBOSCUDA are covered by the law and it is the duty of the administration to see that Fulanis as a people and race with an identity deserve promotion and protection as equal partners in nation building.

The assembly featured Ardos from all the seven divisions of the North West and beyond who also claim that that MBOSCUDA does not show respect for them as custodians of Fulani customs and traditions.

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