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Regional News of Thursday, 4 December 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Maka Mebend township to adopt second generation agriculture

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The construction of a community radio, a multipurpose community tele-centre and adoption of second generation agriculture are underway in the Maka Mebend community.

The 16th gathering of the Nkoul-Bebend Association organized last weekend at Abong-Mbang ended on a strong note. In the next few days, a community radio station will be built with funds from the French Development Agency, with the assistance of the national participatory development program (PNDP) at Atok.

Thanks to the support from the Ministry of posts and Telecommunications, Abong-Mbang will soon House a multipurpose community tele-centre.

These were made known at a seminar on agriculture at Maka Bebend. Farmers from the districts of Abong-Mbang, Atok and Mindourou participated in this exchange. The workshop was carried out under the theme: "Maka Bebend Township and second generation agriculture".

The said exchange permitted them to sensitize the participants on new ways of farming based mainly on mechanization, the use of agricultural inputs, the training and the Organization of peasants into cooperatives. Officials of the ministries of Agriculture in these areas, and the Chamber of agriculture were also part of this session.

For Joseph LE, Chairman of the national Executive Board of Nkoul Bebend (the strength of the Bebend), by adopting these new agricultural techniques, the Bebend should not only consider expanding to vast tracts of land, but also cultivate important crops.

With large pool of agricultural production, the canton flaunts its dynamism through the exposure of rural products along the Abong-Mbang-Akok Maka route, to the delight of travellers departing for major urban centres.

According to Godlive Mboké Ntua, prefect of the département of Haut-Nyong, a second generation agriculture cannot be Bedfellows with rummage sale of land, reason for which they recommended landowners to rather get into joint-venture to cultivate vast spaces and share the profits.

The 16th Conference of this association also saw the implementation of a twinning between some villages in this Township and the suburbs of Dzeng in the Department of Nyong-and-So'o, the centre region, for an exchange of experiences and cultural values.

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