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Regional News of Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Littoral governor ends economic tour

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From April to June 2014, the Governor of the Littoral was engaged in an economic tour throughout the region. This was an opportunity for Joseph Beti Assomo and the delegation accompanying him to take measure on the industrial fabric, agricultural, etc. in the region.

It was also aimed at taking the temperature of the region in General and collect various grievances. Security challenge is not the least challenge, in a region which is the economic capital, and attracts, in wealth and in potential, a constantly increasing number of people.

The administrative authorities are thus faced with a double challenge, whose axes are interlinked: the region is rich, and it is a State that should develop, grow; but this richness arouses all kinds of lusts so people must be vigilant.

The current system is composed of mixed patrols. In addition, the forces of order are present in bus stations, airport, etc. The highway is required, and other "less obvious devices" are deployed throughout the territory, according to the Governor. It should be added that police and gendarmerie of the Littoral forces have recently received reinforcements in men and equipment.

With a save region, investors, operators and other agro-industrial already at work may continue their activities, with the support of the public authorities. During the above-mentioned economic tour, the Governor advised for people to develop their land.

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