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Regional News of Friday, 12 December 2014

Source: The Sun Newspaper

Kupe Muanenguba SDO hails Nguti Council Management

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The management team of the Nguti council Municipality headed by Lord Mayor Tong Georges Enoh have received praises from the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, of Kupe Muanenguba Harderson Quetong Kongeh, for having created an impact in the transformation of the municipality just a little over year at the helm of the council that is in dire need of development.

The SDO made his praises known during the ordinary council session of the Nguti council aimed at examining and adopting the 2015 budget of the council, which took place at the council chambers Friday 5th December 2014. Hear him ‘am very impressed with the achievement of the Mayor for his one year in office. He has really matched political words with actions. Your balance sheet is encouraging and it’s an indication that before the end of your mandate you must have achieved more. These actions have indicated that the council is a significant vector of grass root development and thus all other councils in the Division should copy from the Nguti example’.

The SDO,during the session reminded councillors that a budget is just a projection and not available cash in hand reasons why they should assist the revenue department headed by the Municipal Treasurer Sona Makia who have done a lot already to source for more revenue avenues and encourage their kith and kins to pay their taxes regularly and on time. He equally congratulated the Mayor and his team in their clairvoyance for adopting a realistic budget. He made it known that it's pragmatic to adopt a realistic budget than an unrealistic one.

The Budget

Presenting the budget, Mayor Tong Georges observed that, the 2015 budget of the council in revenue and expenditure stands at FCFA 420000000,as against FCFA 450000000 in 2014 thus a drop in FCFA 30000000 giving a 6.6%.

He narrated that the drop is entirely due to the fact that, after having executed the budget for one year he has come abreast with the performance of certain operations and the relevance of some others and thus the adjustment is meant to enable the council do a budget with alot of realism.

With significant input from the Municipal Treasurer by throwing more light to the budget nomenclatures, the Mayor explained that the recurrent revenue stands at FCFA 252000000 and FCFA 168000000 for investment revenue representing 60% and 40% respectively. For the recurrent expenditure which stands at FCFA 252000000 with FCFA 168000000 as investment expenditure.

He disclosed that 35% of the 60% allocated for the recurrent expenses shall be assigned to handle personnel charges. As a major highlight of the budget the Mayor hinted will include revenue generating projects and projects of social inclination. In order to move with changing times the Council Mayor indicated that the council intends to construct a befitting 12 bedroom guest house behind the council chambers well equipped with a municipal restaurant, a bar, and a conference centre.

Projects in the pipeline

Having achieved much like provision of drugs and medical equipment to some health centres to the tune if FCFA 3000000,the construction of many culverts on the major streets in Nguti and Manyemen,the supply of 60 benches to GSS Babensi,the provision of trash cans, wheel barrows, spades and rakes, construction of VIP latrines, the signing of a protocol agreement with Book Aid International and the reception of 300 new books in various disciplines, and above the construction of a small bridge at Nkapa ,the Mayor opined that the council has a lot in stock for 2015 for the municipality.

The Nguti Ceremonial grandstand is an eyesore the Mayor disclosed and thus the council intends to put up a befitting one. The council equally intends to provide medical equipment to Babubock health center,purchase an administrative car for the council, provision of 300 more benches to schools in the council area and the provision of more medical equipments to the Nguti health centers and hospitals.

The Mayor however used the session to hail WIJMA/CAFECO timber company for the donation of FCFA 3000000 to the council which enable her to repair two generators for the electrification of the Nguti town. The council session rose up with the councillors who received their insignias from the SDO,visible satisfied with the work of Mayor Tong.They equally pledge to work hand in glove with the Mayor so that they make their positive mark in the municipality felt.

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