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Actualités Régionales of Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Source: thestaronline.info

I will be flexible while doing the right thing -New Kumba City Council Treasurer

The new Treasurer of Kumba City Council, Mr. Andong Henry has promised to be flexible in his duties and especially in his interaction with the Government Delegate of that City Council Victor Ngoh Nkele.

Mr. Andong Henry, who was speaking to this reporter in his office on Monday February 10, 2014, was reacting to allegations of estranged relationship between his predecessor Tawah Wilfred and the Government Delegate.

Speaking barely seven days in office, the Treasurer admitted that he is abreast of what he termed the few difficulties between his predecessor and the Government Delegate, adding that the differences between the duo were merely differences in approach; or between classroom work and field work.

He further told this reporter that his predecessor, Mr. Tawah Wilfred did not err as many construed but that he was merely applying the law. Though he acknowledged that some persons are direct and others subtle in their approach to situations, due to temperament, Mr. Andong however added, confrontation could be avoided if the right approach is followed.

Though upholding the virtues of dialogue and promising to be flexible, Mr. Andong further observed that he too would apply the law as well and that which everyone brings to the altar a different sacrifice.

Given that everyone brings to the altar a different sacrifice, the new Treasurer added that in dialoguing with the delegate, he would confront him in person, other than in writing or meeting him through proxy, and that his one-on-one approach would be in a calm manner.

Quizzed as to the divergence in approach, Mr. Andong observed that he and his predecessor are two different persons, though called upon to do the same job, praying that his approach would positively change things in the council.

In other to acquaint himself with his surroundings, his office and staff, the Treasurer held a “get to know you better” meeting with his staff, especially those concerned with finance or revenue collection on Monday March 3, 2014.

Mr. Andong Henry who hails from Ngie in Momo Division in the North West region, was transferred from Tcholerie in the Northern region to his present position in the Kumba City Council.

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