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Regional News of Monday, 11 May 2015

Source: The Eye Newspaper

Fon Idrisuh Sahfua detained at Bamenda prison

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Ousted Fon of Bamali, Fon Idrisuh Nopu Sahfua has reportedly been detained at the Bamenda Prison.

According to sources linked to the office of the Senior State Counsel for Mezam, Idrisuh Nopu Sahfua was arrested recently on claims of attempted murder. The Eye is informed that in 2013, allegations were rife that (he) Idrisuh was a suspect in an attempted murder case.

The matter is however in court pending judgement, but matters came to a head when further investigations revealed his supposed involvement in the obnoxious plan to eliminate the present fon of Bamali village.

It is also alleged that the 13 names were shortlisted include the Member of Parliament, Questor at the National Assembly Hon. Njingum Musa. Whether it is a fabricated lie, only the courts can confirm this allegation.

However, while the population of Bamali is in jubilation over the arrest of the ousted fons, all eyes have now turned towards the court for Fon Idrisuh to proof his innocence in the matter.

Allegations abound that Fon Idrisuh was later granted bail. Other sources hinted that the administration of Ngoketunjia is in shock. Besides, it is also aired that Ngoketunjia SDO summoned an emergency meeting on May 5, following the arrest of the ousted fon who happens to be a Gendarme at Brigade Research in Bamenda.

Ever since Idrisuh was dethroned by the population, the village the village has recorded series of crisis. Of late some 13 villagers were arrested and are currently detained at the Bamenda Prison. This was during a brouhaha that erupted on December 29, 2014 between the villagers and soldiers.

It should be recalled that Chombong Lanu Michael, head of the Bamali traditional council had lamented in a report submitted to the Governor of the North West that on Monday December 29, 2014 at about 1:30pm, five vehicles of armed police, Gendarmes and soldiers drove into the palace during the traditional council meeting session. “On their arrival at the fon’s palace, they assaulted those present and ordered everybody to lie down.

According to the Chombong, the raffia wine that was left in the pot was poured on them and they were beaten mercilessly.

He revealed that matters came to a head when the same law enforcement officials started breaking doors and windows of the innermost part of the palace. “Even bulbs, furniture and palace artifacts were not spared.

He noted that some went up to the market square adjacent the palace and some private homes in the neigbourhood, beating up everybody they met and seizing money, telephones and other belongings”. He reiterated in his report that the same law enforcement officials made away with all the money contributed for the “council njangi” and all the documents.

He also mentioned that the fon was heavily brutalized and he (the fon) sustained injuries on his face, back and right arm. “The fon told us that the D.O Mr. Poss Alex-Francis personally seized and took away his briefcase containing all his credentials and money”, he noted.

The Bamali traditional council head also underlines that the queen mothers (women) were molested including a rd Deputy Mayor of Ndop council was damaged with bullets. “Most of the victims are still in the hospital receiving treatment while some have been transferred to Bamenda and Mbingo Baptist Hospital”.

Some people are pointing accusing fingers at the administration of Ngoketunjia given that the SDO had some years back issued a letter to the Governor requesting 400 elements (2nd category) to help him reinstate the ousted fon of Bamali, Fon Idrisuh Nopu Sahfua.

On the other hand, another opinion holds that the fon who happens to be a Gendarme officer was amongst the looter camouflaged in military uniform. It is even alleged that when matters escalated the same administration surfaced with a letter in which allegedly Bamali village had threatened to invade Bamuka.

In a reaction to that letter, the Mayor of Ndop council denied the claim adding that “his villages will never go to war against another”. He said those who claim that some youths were being trained to invade Bamuka are telling lies.

Popular opinion in Ndop holds that the issue of Bamali village planning to invade Bamuka was a fabrication of the administration to conceal the administrative error committed escalating into a blood bath “Where are the guns that were kept in the palace”, Emmanuel Nken one of the villagers questioned.

He told this reporter that he moved to the scene and talked to the population and even cleared off the road blockages to ease the movement of commuters who were caught in the web at Bamali 3 Corners.

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