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Actualités Régionales of Thursday, 4 December 2014

Source: The Sun Newspaper

Fako SDO reiterates no consultative talks will be held in Batoke village

The Senior Divisional Officer of Fako, Zang III, has emphasised that no consultative talks will be held in Batoke village, with regards to the chieftaincy stool of the village.

Zang III, in a meeting on Wednesday, November 26, at the community hall where a host of indigenes gathered announced that Chief Otto Molive Molungu is the legitimate chief of Batoke village and he enjoys the full support of the Cameroon government as an auxiliary arm.

The Fako boss insisted that, the people of Batoke village, thus have the duty to respect their chief, as anyone found not doing so will face severe sanctions. “You must reject the idea of illegal meetings since it will only go a long way to put the individuals concern in problems”.

Zang III urged the villagers of Batoke village to be true ambassadors of peace and order. He explained that they should help to build development by perpetuating peace and order alongside their chief.

The SDO added that, Chief Otto Molive, who acts in double capacity as chief of Bakoke and head of coastal chiefs, has worked enormously for the people of Batoke village for over ten years. Also, credibility is given to Chief Otto Molive as he is said to have represented Batoke village in particular and Cameroon as a whole in international forums.

Zang III concluded by presenting Chief Otto Molive once more to the indigenes of Batoke. The villagers of Batoke village all hailed him indicating their acceptance, love and support for him. The people of Batoke village also confirmed their satisfaction as they sang and danced for their chief.

At the end of the ceremony, The Sun caught up with His Royal Highness Chief Molive Otto of Batoke and he explained that “For quite a long time those whom I may call enemy of progress or the devil’s friend, or those who don’t have anything to do, kept on framing stories to mislead the administration, since according to them, when administration changes hands, they can easily influence it.

However, administration is a continuous process, reason why the Senior Divisional Officer has to take time, despite his tight schedule, to come to Batoke, to clear the air to let them know that Batoke has no problem with chieftaincy. Also, am happy because most of those individuals have realised their wrong and are now uniting with me to work for the development of our community”.

It should be recalled that the SDO’s intervention follows a letter from the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation that consultative talks should be held regarding the chieftaincy stool in Batoke. However, after investigations, it has been realised that the letter was wrongly ditched out as the consultative talks had long been held.

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