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Regional News of Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Source: kmersaga.com

FCFA 11.7 bln to fight against floods in Douala

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Under the second debt contract (C2D), Douala will undergo drainage.

Douala experiences several heavy rainfall every year. Such precipitation is estimated at 4000 mm of water per year. The direct consequence is that the economic capital of Cameroon faces many floods. The greatest misfortune of the people of this city.

Besides weather forecasts suspect critical cases during the months of July and August this year. Indeed, the aforementioned precipitation level makes Douala one of African cities where the problem of storm water is high.

Also, to address this crucial issue for the well-being of the population, Douala boasts of fluvial drainage, under the second debt contract (C2D). According to L’Economie Daily Newspaper in its issue of Monday, April 18, 2016, 11.7 billion FCFA are being invested for the improvement and strengthening of water drainage.

The project that aims at developing the economic capital of water drainage facilities is to achieve 39 km of canals after nine natural waterways. According to the project profile, during the services, the canals will be reinforced with concrete, riprap masonry or soil. In the sites listed, it is planned at the end of the construction, roads, tracks and the access ramps to the drains, the newspaper said.

Besides these remediation, the allocated amount will also integrate the improvement of living conditions for residents by building walkways, gutters, standpipes and public lighting.

And to ensure the sustainability of the works, the water drainage construction project includes not only the component of capacity building of staff of the Douala City Council and other services actor in city council, but also of civil society.

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