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Regional News of Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Bush meat consumption still rampant

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Despite the ban on hunting since August 1, bush meat is still listed prominently in various menus. The vendors do not necessarily have to go to the forest and hunt for themselves, because hunters make the bush meat readily available at markets and other restaurants.

According to sources, Nkolndongo Market in Yaoundé is a point of disposal of these products from the forest. The hunters are usually stopped by their clients who buy from them meat like turtle, pangolin, deer, Antelope, Viper and smoked monkey.

Such activity most occurs during the holiday season. In another light, buyers and retailers are much more concerned with their lucrative and food interests despite the fact that hunting the Savannah area has been prohibited since August 1.

"What ban do we speak of?” Maurice V, a trader asked. According to him, he derives bulk of his income from trading in bush meat. The idea of the temporary suspension of activity deprives him of his regular income. "if it is true that hunting is prohibited, I would be unemployed and I would barely be able to feed my family," he added.

Beside him, Jeannette T also normally goes about the same business. For her, ban or no ban, it is out of the question for her to stop selling bush meat: "there is always a way to work around. With the money, I can cross dams and anti-poaching controls, she explains.

The reason underlying the measures from the water and forestry officials are not of major concern. "Animals will not just appear one day or the next from the forest. If we stop selling we will lose our customers", says Maurice V.

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