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Regional News of Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Association of traditional chiefs review Wouri division

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The themes on the agenda of the annual balance sheet press conference of the association of traditional chiefs of the villages of the Wouri included Security, moralization of public and private life land, addressing roads, youth unemployment, economy, public transportation, administrative authorities, public investment Budget, contribution from the daughters and sons of the soil in the spheres of power and establishment of a day of traditional dress.

The above prominently featured on the annual balance sheet press conference of the association of traditional chiefs of the villages of the Wouri, held on the 27th of December at Bwang, canton Bakoko. This was an opportunity for them to revisit the major facts of 2014 in the Department.

On urban disorder, the funding available this year for the platform of action was 600 million F. "In spite of this, the resulted left many with mixed feelings", said SM Alain Camille Dissake Mouangué, president of the association, in his statement.

On another level, Chief Dissake Mouangué welcomed the initiative by NAS which yielded to 10 million F within a collection operation, intended to support the fight against Boko Haram in the North.

The chief of Bonapriso for his part, SM Pierre Nthepe, returned to the land issue in the Wouri, calling the State to enforce the law on land management, so that the heads will have more control on land allocation issues.

In his presentation, it was learned that, the State and the Cud had allocated 800 and 740 million F respectively to Socatur, society of urban transport which Cud owns 33% of the share capital.

Despite the efforts of the public authorities, the problem of public transport continues to arise with acuity.

Insisting on security, the SG of the Association, Chief Ruben Ness Essombey, did not only appreciate the effort of proximity of the security forces, but was also keen to launch an appeal to the people to denounce criminals.

He also mentioned the proliferation of obscene songs in everyday life, questioning the authorities for the implementation of a measure that would prohibit such things in school events.

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