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Regional News of Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Aidcamps Volunteers donate to G.S.S Mbveh in NW

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International Cooperation between the development, integrated sustainable rural development organisation, (Shumas) and the Aidcamps International UK Volunteers received praises in Bui Division for giving GSS Mbveh its first ever 3-classroom block.

The school had operated in a community hall since its inception until Shumas intervened by constructing classrooms, a toilet block, provision of 27 benches, tables, chairs, drinking pails and cups to serve students and staff to enhance the learning and teaching process in the institution.

This gesture was received graciously with songs and dancing at the event. Speakers stated how much they appreciate this generosity.

Volunteers disclosed that the partnership was inspired to provide an adequate and safe school environment for students and staff of GSS Mbveh.

With these developments in the institution, Shumas anticipates an increase in enrolment in the year 2015-2016, improvement in the health of students and staff, encouragement in the construction of permanent classrooms for the college and help to decongest classrooms.

Present at the event were the SDO of Bui, representative of the Fon of Nso, Mayor of Kumbo and the PTA Chairman who said the event marked daybreak of GSS Mbveh.

It was all praises for Shumas, the development not-for-profit, nongovernmental organisation that focuses on sustainable rural development.

It was also a moment to cheer the effective participation of the local community in the realisation of the project with revelations that communities are fully involved in SHUMAS Projects to be able to take ownership and manage the projects later.

This organisation aims to support education, health, water and sanitation, social welfare, environmental protection and management, women empowerment and agriculture.

It is against this backdrop that the Director of Shumas, Ndzerem- Stephen Njodzeka recently embarked on the launching of school/ scholarship, health and water projects in the Mbiame Municipality of Bui division.

Often, Shumas selects a community and embark on a number of projects to address the problems in the locality.

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