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Politique of Thursday, 12 February 2015

Source: cameroonreformationparty.net

Statement: CRP-Party leader delivers message to youth

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Dear Young Compatriots,

With deep sincerity and love from the bottom of my heart and how much we care about you.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do; it comes from overcoming what you thought you once couldn’t.”

I also thank you very much for your endurance and the patience you have exercised during this 3 and half decades of suffering, difficulty and intimidation surrounded with false promises.

Remember that this is the 49th youth day celebration following the plebiscite. In these 49th years Biya has been in power for 33 years.

During this period, we have witness inexplicable occurrences such as Lake Nyos disaster, Nsam fire, Mbanga Mpong plane crash, random arrest and torture of university students, unpredictable curfews, and uncountable road accidents repeated changes and violation of the constitution etc. Also un-explicable high death rate amongst youths is still on the rise than in the 70s yet nothing is being done by this regime.

How long are we going to sit back and watch this beautiful Nation continue to plunge into disarray? We are now living in a country where the CPDM and Biya are mandated to be at the centre of gravity and that anything out of these according to them are unlawful, and anybody with an idea excluding the CPDM will be likely be excluded when considering the National cake. To this reasons so many youths are lamenting in difficulties and hard life.

This indicates clearly that the Nation is plunging into an abyss as the youths are left out, abandoned and neglected.

Our Youths needs better role models in their lives to give them support and guidance that will keep them out of difficulties, so we promise genuinely. The youths are going without ambitions stifled all because the CPDM is ideologically blind to link enterprise and people's prosperity.

Few years ago the president promised 25000 jobs to the youth, only an average of 700 youth got successful in getting employment but the application process was fuelled up an average of 125,000,000frs CFA in bribery and corruption turnover in private pockets. This is costing the nation a huge fortune in undeclared to tax.

Youths can get jobs through a vibrant private sector not through political and electoral campaign promises. Youths were said to be leaders of tomorrow, which is now the reverse.

The Cameroon Reformation Party is for all Cameroonians either young or old with impartiality though the youths remain the powerhouse of the Nation.

The CPDM does not try to encourage youths to excel in various political and socio-economic activities but rather assumes that the Cameroon youth is incapable of running national affairs as they are more engaged in flirting and alcoholism and music.2False assumption

We urge all Cameroonians to join us now as we ask the Biya’s regime to run this Nation with tolerance and to restrain this mass exodus of youths to neighbouring and overseas countries. Where they are longing for greener pastures to bailout their families from politically created poverty.

Also mass migration has created an intellectual crisis which is making Our Nation a lucrative ground for this CPDM politician to practice their jungle politics.

The Cameroon Youths have been neglected? Yes,

The Cameroon youths have been dominated? Yes

An average Cameroon youth have no voice on how the country is run? Yes

We want to empower, encourage and inspire the youths

We want the youths to have a voice

We want the youths to be able to run this Nation

We will make the youths feel safer and feel at home than anywhere else.

The national youth day should reflect its true purpose. I wish the entire national youth family a wonderful youth day celebration.

Thanks a million to my thoughtful young Cameroonians.

God Bless you all.

God Bless Cameroon.

With you and for you

Foligar Lang

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