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Politique of Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Source: Cameroon Journal

SDF rebukes official’s offensive comments on late Francoise Foning

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Leadership of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, seems upset over insultive comments made by its national deputy secretary for Communication and Councilor for Douala V, Elimbi Lobe on late Francoise Foning, former Mayor of Douala V municipality.

The passing away of Foning, a lady considered as the “political mascot” of the CPDM on Jan. 22, provoked sundry reactions from officials and militants of the governing CPDM party and those of other political parties.

Elimbi Lobe had been contacted by several media organs to react to the death of Foning. Not the least a fan of Foning, he had almost nothing good to say about the late mayor. Instead, he took her to task, largely criticizing her job as Mayor and her other political actions.

He even questioned why her fellow CPDM militants were giving her lots of credits for her political stewardship. On the night of Jan. 27 on STV television, he accused the late mayor of not establishing a municipal school in her district.

“I remember we had a Mayor who was here for 12 years, but left us with nothing to inherit. We just lost someone who was not put in her place.” Lobe said.

SDF party hierarchy, however, condemned Lobe’s comments. Jean Robert Wafo, SDF’s shadow gov’t Minister of Communication on Jan. 29 in a public statement reminded party faithfuls that the SDF is a humanist party and as such, it aims not only to protect humans but also the dead. He said Africans respect even the dead.

“There is no justification that a human being should insult a corpse particularly when they are not yet buried. For this, Lobe should be held accountable for his words,” Wafo said.

Reactions from the National chairman of the SDF, John Fru Ndi, made in the evening of Jan. 29 also condemned the outburst of Elimbi Lobe.

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