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League Report of Monday, 19 October 2015

Source: Basil K. Mbuye ICameroonWeb

Southwest Mini Interpools: Who’s Who?

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With the Southwest Mini Interpools tourney set to take place on October 24 and 25, The Post takes a look at the various teams involved.

Prisons Social Club of Buea (Home Boys)

Formed in 1967, Home Boys, as they are fondly called, will be looking to tap from the club’s glorious days as they go into the play-offs. They are the oldest team in the Southwest D2 championship and will be looking forward to reviving the sweet memories of the 1960s and 70s when the club was the darling team of many Anglophones.

In 1968, they played the now Cup of Cameroon finals and were beaten controversially by Oryx of Douala. However, in recent years, Prisons have been a shadow of their glorious days. They were beaten last year in the first round of the play-offs.

Victoria United (OPOPO)

Victoria United of Limbe, aka OPOPO (One People One Power) are willing to bounce back into elite football after many years of silence. The darling team of the population of Limbe, was the first team to pick a ticket for the Mini Interpools with three days of play still to go.

After some spells in the country’s top freight football, OPOPO has, however, failed in several attempts to bounce back. They will have the home advantage as the Mini Interpools is taking place on their own playground and will be counting on the support of their supporters when they unite as “One People One Power” behind their club.

Botafogo AFC of Buea

Since relegation from the country’s 1st Division league in 2004, Botafogo has failed to make their return. Their numerous attempts have all ended at the level of the final of the Mini Interpools as they seek to bounce back. After their controversial inclusion in this year’s championship, they might become the cornerstone that was rejected. This saw the club inventing a new slogan (they will always talk but we are there) to hit back at those who were against their inclusion in the championship. They were eliminated at the 16-finals of this year’s Cup of Cameroon by Astres of Douala, a League 1 team.

Best Stars FC of Limbe

The 2014 champions will be looking forward to defending their title as they look forward to correct their errors of last year at the National Interpools championship. The Limbe team has represented the Region on two occasions but has failed to gain promotion into the National League Two championship. Created in early 2000, the team has worked its way to be among some of the powerful teams in the region. Their play style has been classified as one of the best in the Region by football pundits.

University of Buea FC (The Intellectuals)

Created in 2014, UBFC is determined to write their name in the Southwest football books as well as Cameroon at large. Since creation, UBFC appeared in last year’s Mini Interpools but failed to leave their mark as they were eliminated by Cinyodev. In the same year, they reached the round of 16 of the Cup of Cameroon. With excellent results in the last two Varsity Games that saw them winning Silver medal in 2014 and Gold in 2015, they will be looking forward to conquering Southwest and representing the Region at the National Interpools tourney.

Ekona United FC

Considered as wet noses in the race to represent the Region, Ekona United will be looking forward to proving their doubters wrong. Ending the league in the third position ahead of Mount Cameroon and Kumber Lakers, they certainly are a side to watch out for at the Mini Interpools. Also, they are one of the clubs that enjoy a good support from their fans.

Continental FC of Buea

With over a decade of existence, Continental has failed to gain promotion into top freight football. With outstanding results during the championship, supporters of the club will be hoping that their team makes it this season into the country’s League 2 football. They were one of the teams to qualify for the Mini Interpools with two days of play yet to go.

EEMSA of Tiko

Formed to serve as a nursery for Tiko United during her days in Elite 1, EEMSA has grown big and is now vying for the lone ticket to represent the region. After her 5-1 spanking of Buea United, it was certainly a warning to the bigger guns by the Tiko Town Green side. After emerging third in her group, EEMSA had to play a play-off with Little Foot to decide who clinches the last ticket for the Mini Interpools. EMMSA humiliated Little Foot 4 goals to nil to pick the last ticket for Mini Interpools.

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