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Opinions of Monday, 23 May 2016

Journaliste: Felix Teche Nyamusa

Biya’s investment forum will yield little!

Countries, history reveals, that blossom, put in place a sincere business democratic environment.

In Cameroon the CPDM ruling government is barely anticipating sufficiency of electric energy to say the least. Road transportation infrastructure is primitive. Good governance is absent as elections are regularly channeled to see President Paul Biya (who had forged over 34 years in power) and his party (CPDM) to continuously stay in power to the chagrin of SDF and many a genuine opposition party.

The press in Cameroon particularly the publics’ press is stifled to sing the ruling party praises. Private business unlike in forward looking communities had till date been caged. Thus only the government civil service some how works.
President Biya who is also national president of the ruling CPDM usurps the powers of the judiciary and legislature arms of government.
Cameroonians in large numbers flee the country because of Biya/CPDM regime misrule and sequel lack of paying jobs and/ or opportunities

- A historic legal component of the country - the Anglophones courtesy “SCNC” are clamoring for “secession” blaming it on none respect of union terms by the ruling clan. The Boko Haram insurgents in the North have lingered in the country due to bad governance. Insurgents emanating from central Africa Republic are huge havoc in the East region.

Thus a big portion of convincing prosperity potential will only be arrived at when a veritable foundation stone is put at tackling these preventable worries. Further, national elections are due in 2018; Mr. Biya and his CPDM party have all along been struggling to precipitate the polls to take their adversaries off guard. The country supposed independent elections body “ELECAM” is but a Biya/CPDM appointed personnel structure that dances to CPDM party expectations.

Hence Cameroon is largely at explosion limit if good governance structural-changes are not immediately put in place. The aforementioned silliness explains why Cameroon has largely remained backward in socio-economy for all this time (about 35 years) of CPDM rule.

Thus the 17 May, 2016 Biya Economic investors’ forum in Yaounde is part of the routine time and money waste character of the CPDM government with little or no profit accruing to Cameroon from it !

*Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 presidential hopeful (pending primaries)

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