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Culture of Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Source: Cameroon Info

US citizenship gives me free movement - Prince Ndedi Eyango

The artiste, Prince Ndedi Eyango continues to profess his love for Cameroon. He explained that he bring to the homeland all he has won and received abroad.

Cameroon-born artist Prince Ndedi Eyango finally agrees to raise the question of his American citizenship. The author of the hit albums, "salut les mariés", "You must calculer", "Soul Botingo", "Les problèmes" explained that he did not have a U.S. passport because he loved his homeland. But due to professional constraints.

"I have US citizenship, but I do not regret; If I have to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate to do it the same way. This American nationality allows me to move freely, to go anywhere in the world. U.S. citizenship gives me the freedom to move easily", respond to the iconic son of the Department of the Mungo.

He seemed to want to reopen the debate on the introduction of dual nationality. He reiterated however, his passion for Cameroon, a country which he is born to, his first homeland. "However, my love for my country is without limit.

Therefore, after having traveled the world, I return with all the treasures. I deeply love my compatriots, who have never let me down. I will never forsake them", promised the former and short-lived president of Cameroonian society of musical art (Socam), deposed in 2014 after the Minister of arts and culture, Ama Tutu Muna discovered that the producer-musician-artist had more than one passport.

A decision that the successful artist was challenged at the time stating: "Know that even in legal terms, a Minister does not have the power to question my legitimacy to the position of Pca of Socam." My 30 years of career, I sacrificed to sing for Cameroon.

Be aware also that all the money that I made in the United States of America, I invested it in Cameroon. The issue of dual nationality has raised debates and controversies in Cameroon.

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