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Top 10 Cameroonian producers you should know

2:Salatiel Salatiel known by many as a Music Artist is also a producer who can easily switch his production prowess to any genre of music, R&B, soul, hip hop, makossa, Afrobeat etc. Salatiel who happens to be Label Boss of Alpha Better Records is also the Mentor, musical trainer and producer of Mr Leo. He started learning how to produce in November 2007, and kicked off profesionally in 2008. Salatiel has produced hundreds of songs, some of the high profile Artists he has produced are Nar6 Pryze “sasayé”, Annie Anzouer, Sergio pollo, Manu dibango, Dynastie le Tigre, Locko, Coco Argentee, One Rocky, Petit Champion, Mr Leo etc. Salatiel has caught the attention of many foreign artists, and he is currently producing a song for Skales, Debordeaux ft Mr leo and many more surprises coming soon. Salatiel has produced hits like E go betta, Fap kolo, On va Gerer, Dingue de toi by Dynastie le tigre, Ca se passe ici and Kemayo by Mr Leo just to name a few. Salatiel has proven in all capacities his artistry in producing an avalanche of tunes. His works are so extensive to list, from the few it is easy to relate why he earns spot 2.