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Diasporian News of Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Source: CRTV

Young Cameroonian girls ill-treated in Kuwait

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Some young Cameroonian girls who ran searching for greener pastures in the Middle East have returned home worse than they were.

Not only have they been frequently violated but battered and locked up in messed up and isolated rooms far from the outside world by their so-call Masters and Mistresses.

Three of these victims who recounted their horrible experiences to Cameroon Calling unveiled that among the African women found in Kuwait Cameroonian women make 90% of the population. And that each day, close to 30 Cameroonians flood into Kuwait.

Before they left for Kuwait, they were given an employment VISA that gave them total assurance of lucrative and well secured jobs only for their expectations to be cut-off as they are track in a situation of no return.

Instead of working as normal house helps, they were treated like the slaves of old, who were fed just for the sake of surviving for further ill-treatment not absolutely for their well-being.

Some of them qualified and degree holders were violated others shared the same toilets and room with animals. Some with indelible scars obtained from snakes as they were asked to wash them. They were locked up in rooms that are completely clogged from the outside world.

Even though psychologically and physically tortured with diseases, documents seized and no money to show for, these victims could manage to hive a sigh of relief to have even succeeded to see their fatherland an experience far from hundreds of others who have been locked up or killed in the strange land.

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