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Cricket of Thursday, 22 August 2013

Source: Cameroon Tribune

New Cricket Season Opens

The new cricket season was launched on recently at the playground of Lycée Leclerc in Yaounde. The late start of the season the president of the Cameroon Cricket Federation, Victor Agbor-Nso said was due to the fact that they had to conform to ministerial instructions concerning elections.

As to why the federation still focuses on spreading the practice of the game, the president said vulgarization was a continuous process as the game was not yet known in every part of Cameroon. The objective, he said was to enable people get used to the rules and equipment of the game.

Commenting on his recent election as one of the vice presidents of the National Olympic and Sports Committee, Victor Agbor-Nso said it was probably in recognition of the hard work he has been doing at the helm of the cricket federation. He says he started the federation from scratch and can today boast of a constructed head office and national teams in the feminine, junior and senior categories.

During the season, he disclosed that there will be the distribution of cricket equipment to both old and new cricketers, training courses besides the organization of competitions. The partners from Cricket Without Boarders will be coming again to the country by November this year

Prior to the opening of the season, there was an open door day at the headquarters of the federation during which visitors were drilled on notions like umpiring, scoring, batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping. The objective of the federation now is to enable the various categories of the national teams participate in international competitions.