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Boxing News of Friday, 31 October 2014

Source: cameroun-online.com

New championship bouts in Yaounde this weekend

After Ambam last Saturday, Yaounde takes over on Saturday 1st November 2014. Thanks to the launch of AIBA PRO BOXING Championship bringing four fights on the bill for boxing lovers and fans.

Le camp de l'unité in Yaoundé will dance on Saturday to the rhythm of hooks and uppercuts Cameroon boxers, both amateur and professional. This is at the launch of AIBA PRO BOXING Championship (PDB).

The start of the bouts is at 8:00 p.m. with four (04) battles in the following categories: 60 Kgs, 69 Kgs, 75 Kgs.

Regarding the official weighing, it takes place Friday, October 31, 2014 from 1500 GMT at Le camp de l'unité.


-60 Kgs: Amadou Baba (Centre) - // - ABDOULAYE ASSAN (Centre)

-69 Kgs: ebode Eneli GUY (Centre) - // ZIBAÏYA PHARAOH (North)

-75 Kgs: ENDOUGOU TOBIE (Centre) - // NYEMB JEAN DANIEL (Centre)


The PDB is a new championship competition of AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association) whose main objective is to allow boxers, amateur or not, realise many dreams among others, a continental or world title, and the possibility to qualify for the Olympics without necessarily being a boxer of the Cameroon national team.

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