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Actualité Boxe of Friday, 15 August 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

FAP emerges as lead boxer in Mfoundi

The club of the Armed Forces and police (Fap) participated last weekend on the third day of the Championship of the provincial League of boxing at Mfoundi (Yaoundé). FAP has emerged by winning six of the eight fighting against Pro-Academy at the unity camp. The two teams were competing in five categories.

In the 60 kg, Obama Lebogo from FAP beat Léopold Owono while in the 69 kg, the club of the Armed Forces and police won three fights in the program of the category. Pro-Academy recorded its first win in the fifth fight in the 75 kg following the defeat of Dibango Eloka.

Despite these abandonments, the satisfaction of Evina Abraham, the president of the regional League of boxing from the Centre was intact, "we can rejoice over the quality of the fighting. The level has evolved and we are preparing the next generation. The fourth day is scheduled for August 23.