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Boxing News of Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Source: thestar.co.uk

CMR Olympic runaway Ambomo fined £3,000

Serge Ambomo’s career appears to be over after he was slapped with a £,3,000 fine by the British Boxing Board of Control.

Ambomo was the welterweight whose KO punch seriously injured Sheffielder Jereome Wilson - bringing an end to Wilson’s professional sport.

Now the Cameroonian - an asylum seeker living on job seeker’s allowance - seems certain to be exiled from boxing as he cannot afford the fine and a further £800 in BBBC expenses, license and medical certification.

Ambomo, a French-speaking African with a limited grasp of English, is desperately upset at the fine. He was ordered to pay £3,000 following a “showboating” misconduct after KOing Wilson last September.

Ambomo knelt down and appeared to kiss the stricken Wilson on the canvas. Ambomo had no idea Wilson was badly injured - the Sheffield man later went into a coma and had to have an operation on a bleed on the brain. Ambomo has apologised for his conduct.

The BBC told The Star: “ The behaviour of Mr Ambomo could have resulted in an extremely serious incident of disorder in the crowd, consequently, the Council considered the penalty to be proportionate.”

Ambomo twice missed appointments to defend himself with the board - he says on the first occasion he’d been involved in domestic situation requiring police help, and after moving from Sheffield to Wingfield, Rotherham, never received any further mail alerting him to a meeting.

The disciplinary matter was dealt with in his absence.

The Board’s Les Potts said: “Mr Ambomo and his manager were advised of the outcome and the appeals process and he was also informed that his licence would remain suspended until such time as he had appeared and agreed a suitable financial proposal regarding payment.

“If Mr Ambomo wishes to continue with his career he needs to make arrangements to appear before the Council together with an interpreter to agree a suitable financial proposal regarding the payment of the fine and costs.” On State benefits, the 28-year-old has little chance of raising the cash for his license and medical, let alone the fine.

Ambomo said: “I feel very bad. I have taken responsibility (for what happened) and if I had 10 fights I could pay them. I want to pay but how can I? My life has stopped - I have nothing to do.”

The fighter, who trains at Glyn Rhodes’ Hillsborough gym, absconded from the London Olympics village in 2012. He was granted asylum and said his sole aim was to represent his new country.

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