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Golf News of Tuesday, 25 November 2014

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Spotlight: Désiré Ebela, No. 1 Cameroonian Golf Player

He has undisputedly been the Golf champion in a decade and Désiré Ebela is the bane of his challengers, but especially proud of the Golf Club of Yaoundé and Cameroon.

Founder of one of the two major golf academies in the country, Desire Ebela is to many people, a success story and now taxed elitist discipline.

The Cameroonian champion in his thirties is married with four children, three girls and a "Successor". The Cameroonian Tiger Woods now counts 86 titles of which most are international which is considered good.

Next week he will go to conquer yet another Likumba Golf Club in Tiko and the next will be in Yaoundé (in two weeks). Also, a lot of other competitions in the world are in order from January 2015.

As a native of Mbankolo, a suburb of Yaoundé near the Golf Club at Mont Febe, it is natural that he will focus on the practice of this interesting sport. He was ten years old when he started as a caddy.

Coming from a very modest family, he was aware that no ‘kopeck’ will be granted to him by his parents to pay his current club. But armed with passion, endurance, determination and concentration, essential elements to be a good golfer, he realized his dream.

Although to him his status as No. 1 Cameroon remains unsatisfactory. He believes that he still has a lot of years ahead of him to go even further.

Daily Desire

The passionate golf player, Ebela is rather a man of extreme simplicity, according to people from his neighborhood. The man wakes up at 6:00am, makes his daily prayer, after which he begins his traditional curriculum (there are actually three times a day).

So begins another daily exercise, it occupies 08 hours of his time working precision, endurance, technical , and especially its concentration , essential qualities for a good golfer .

Occasionally, a picnic with a collaborator sharpens his practice ... In addition to golf; he is engaged in football, billiards and a little boxing. The latter discipline allows him to judge the situation of a person in difficulty or above his opponent.

“These concepts are essential for high-level athletes," he said. On the other hand, Desire likes to entertain among friends. He also likes to go on trips with friends to catch some fun from time to time. For the rest, the man admits not being perfect saying, "I'm just a normal Cameroonian, with his qualities but also its weaknesses”.

Tiger Woods, more than a model...

"When I began my career, Tiger Woods became No. 1 worldwide. It was then in 2002, and I immediately got interested”, he recalled.

Tiger indisputably remains the idol of Desire, and he entrust us to watch all possible videos of this star of the Golf planet. No wonder that in his country, he has the same name: "I was quick to be nicknamed Tiger Woods (laughs). They have their reason, but I admit that it flatters me”, he admitted.

One thing is certain; Desire always has his bedside book, "My method" by Tiger Woods. Fanaticism goes further because Desire observed, adopted the swing champion and his body language, and sometimes his vocabulary as well as his behavior during games.

"He’s someone who helped me at a distance, is the one who inspired me the most in this business. He remains my model”, stated D.E.

Below are pictures of Desire doing what he loves best.

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