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'Des membres du SCNC seront désormais surveillés de près'

Comment: Advice to the Governor of the Southwest

Ayuk Valery
2015-07-31 20:28:39
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'Des membres du SCNC seront désormais surveillés

This security measure should be Implemented in all parts of Cameroon and not only to the southwest Region which is already pointing to a political decision and not security,the SCNC group should not be mentioned in this kind of Serious Issue because no body in his or her rightful sense will support Terrorism .Instead with the name mentioned of SCNC will give the terrorist an advantage to feel that there are disgruntled citizens in parts of cameroon and the could use this to infiltrate into the country,to act as sympathizers which some Southern Cameroonians will happily embrace.Mr governor take my advice the Anglophone people think differently and at this crucial moments were the Anglophone Problem is hitting the waves with more Anglophone getting awareness of their past and future about La Republic any wrong laws could be misunderstood and taken for a political challenge.

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07-31 20:28
Advice to the Governor of the Southwest
Ayuk Valery
07-31 20:28