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General News of Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Source: CRTV

Women’s Day fabric: scarcity of ox-blood print

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Barely two weeks to the celebration of the International day of the Woman, people from all walks of life have been storming the main fabric supplier shop LAKING, to get their piece of loins for this year’s celebration.

Among the fabrics sold in the market, oxblood the most preferred has become scarce opposing to the yellow fabric which has over flooded the markets and most tailoring workshops.

Following a futile search for the ox-blood fabric which ran out of supply in Yaounde, some retailers who had stocked the fabric increased its price to 7000 up from the homologated 6800cfafrancs.

In the meantime men and women, boys and girls stood tirelessly on a lengthy queue to get whatever was available for either themselves their wives and children, loved ones or organisations.

Relating to the scarcity of oxblood to the prominent yellow fabric, David Mounjoutouyi director of LAKING, said the yellow fabric is what is available for the moment but that women still joyfully buy them. He however assured some buyers that provisions for their preferred colours will soon be made available.

Whether ox-blood or yellow, Mr. Mounjoutouyi says a bulk of the fabric have been distributed to all sales points in the country In order to ensure that every woman get them at 6800francsCFA.

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