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Opinions of Thursday, 12 February 2015

Journaliste: Beatrice Adu

When waiting is nonsense

Waiting. Wait. They’re not really words we love to hear. After all, the world is now full of fast forward stuff so why wait when you could probably use other options to get your way through?

It’s such a pain waiting. But at the same time, you remember that there are somethings you can get without waiting. That’s when the challenge comes in. Between the time I wait and the time I get what I want, what do I do? What if what I’ve been waiting for never comes anyway? Why don’t I forget that or those particular thing(s) and move on happily? It’s possible isn’t it? Usually, these questions may flood your mind when the issue of waiting comes to your door step.

If you were told you would get what you’re looking for in the next two years or even five years, it would be a lot easier to wait because in the end, everyday means you’re getting closer to your present. But where there’re no timelines, waiting becomes a daunting task.

Today, I want to share with you a very sensitive topic. This subject has destroyed people’s relationships. It has caused fathers or mothers to disown their own children and children to disown their parents as well. I will bring my spiritual perspective to make things more clear on this. And don’t close the page yet because there will be something for you to learn from here.

I want us to talk about waiting for the right partner. According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, to wait is “to allow time to go by, especially while staying in one place without doing very much, until someone comes, until something that you are expecting happens or until you can do something”.

But today, I choose to define waiting as “the moments when your patience is stretched to the point you think you may not need what you’ve been waiting for again.

When you think you’ve done everything you know is right and reasonable but you still don’t get what you want in the time you want it”. That makes sense to you right? In simple terms when, waiting is nonsense. People say there’s nothing like the right partner. You be the right partner and make whoever comes your way right.

I dare say that could be dangerous. You could be falling into a ditch with someone you had no business being with. And this is also another reason waiting becomes hard; when you have outside forces yelling in your face to get out of your comfort zone and find a partner or perhaps, get married. You’re growing old. You’re not any younger.

But you ask. By whose standards are these outside forces judging me? Is it their business to determine how I live my life? Do I account to them when I die and stand before my maker on the final day? It takes a great heart to say I’m waiting until I sense strongly in my spirit that that’s my man or that’s my woman. When I choose wrongly it will be those same Other People’s Business Managers, I call them, who’ll tell me I failed.

But beyond resisting or rejecting outside forces’ demands, there’s also the question of what one should do when waiting. It’s simple. Don’t cry over what you don’t have. This may take some time.

But you gradually need to get to that point where you’re not worried about this. You’ll only take life from those things you have. Imagine being at work and all you think about is ‘OH Lord….when do I meet the right partner bla la bla?” You drain your energy. And that makes you crazily anxious. Anxious people never got anything. If they did…..your guess could be as right as mine. Life is not all about finding the right partner and getting married.

Marriage they say is good but do you want to kill yourself or put everything on hold because it’s not yet your turn? Sometimes people actually start calling you gay because they’ve not seen you with a male partner in case you’re female and the same is sometimes said of our brothers.

Life’s about fulfilling a purpose that will transform generations. Even if it’s just about a soul or two people; you’ve fulfilled your purpose. Let the rest like marriage come in along your journey. Leave the time calculators alone. They’ve specialized in other people’s business.

You’re not less of a human being because Mr. Right or Mrs Right hasn’t popped up yet. There’s no need to rush. The maker knows when it’s right. And sometimes I hear people say you shouldn’t look too far. There could be truth in that.

In case waiting has become more than nonsense to you and you feel like throwing in the towel because society says your age is beyond a miracle, don’t give up. This is not the time to begin saying….”I did all the right things and I’m receiving the wrong results”.

Don’t blame yourself. It may not have been your fault. It’s possible that He’s got a bigger picture. Negativity never took anybody anywhere. Cheer up. Your miracle’s on the way. You would get to understand why all the waiting was not nonsense. There’s a purpose in every test. Pass it.

People wonder what to do with their lives whilst they wait. To me, it’s probably the best time to work, study; just do anything that will make you better. Find yourself.

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