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General News of Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Source: moityakonjang.blogspot.com

Updates: Prof Boulassel dismisses Ebosse autopsy report

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Do you remember that an Algerian University don, Prof Brahim Boulassel,(who carried out the 1st postmortem on the late Cameroonian player), recently dismissed the family-requested autopsy carried by Cameroonian Dr. Moune Andre, which stated that Ebosse's corpse had severe wounds not corresponding with the initial report of death by a projectile.

Well, Dr Moune (pictured above), has replied his Algerian peer. In a letter signed by the Pathologist, and published by Camerooninfo.net Dr. Moune begins by stating some cultural facts, such as the importance of finding out the cause of death, within the Cameroonian cultural context (citing some Bassa practices).

He goes on to present his credentials, as an anatomical pathologist, trained in Geneva, a specialist in his field, who in his 20-year practice, has carried out autopsies on Cameroonian nationals as well as on foreigners.

Dr. Moune goes further to question the Algerian Dr. asking how a projectile thrown from the crowd, could have caused multiple injuries to the left shoulder, above the chest, the top of the head, and cervical vertebrae.

He ends by suggesting that a commission made up of magistrates and doctors of international repute, be created to clear any doubt on the cause of Ebosse's death, by exhuming and re-examining the corpse.

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