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General News of Saturday, 30 April 2016

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UDs Rector denounces mercenary idea in Varsity Games

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The rector of the University of Dschang (UDs)denounced the mercenary phenomenon in the University Games.

University Games without cheating! This is the wish expressed by the Minister of Higher Education and officials of the National University Sports Federation (FENASU) at the launch of the 19th edition of the UG at the University of Yaounde II. But again, this event which annually brings together the country’s universities for sports events has not escaped the phenomenon.

After media denunciations, the rector of the University of Dschang. Professor Roger Tsafack Nanfosso gave a press conference on April 28, 2016 to also denounce irregularities. To believe Le Jour newspaper of April 29, he did not chew his mouth before denouncing a case of irregularity.

“The University of Dschang has been a victim. We realized that one of our competent athletes now as we speak, is running for an institution that is not the University of Dschang, with a known race number. Everyone knows her and we know who she is. She is one of our students and as I speak, she is registered in that University, and we can’t explain when she did that. We found that she is not with us, after benefiting from our training, but she is with us in institutions. I refuse to discuss the reasons why our students chose another institution, the fact is that she does not run for the University of Dschang “denounced the rector.

The university teacher did not reveal the identity of the offending student. Unlike Le Jour. The newspaper says it is “Larissa Medeme Mbezele, 3rd year student studying biomedical sciences at the University of Dschang and handball player. Her comrades with whom she has done the preparation were surprised to see her with the team of Institut universitaire du Golfe de Guinée with the number 8. “

According to Tsafack Nanfosso, the measures implemented by the FENASU to combat this phenomenon are ineffective. “The FENASU has taken a number of steps in recent years to fight against this phenomenon. Generally, these are taxation measures (…) For tax measures, you will see people who are willing to pay all amounts of the world, if it was only that. We must find a way, maybe the FENASU is putting this in place. I trust the leaders of the FENASU to help avoid this, see what they are doing to combat the phenomenon. I realize that this is more of the tax measures as measures of real repression, “he regretted.

The rector of the University of Dschang proposed some solutions: “We are touching on something whose solution is difficult. It requires an overall reflection. First, you need a civic commitment from all institutions who decide to come to the Games.

It should not come to the Games with the ambition to win at all costs and at all prices. It rubs off on the Olympic spirit; it deteriorates the image of the training institution that are public institutions and private institutions. This is very serious. The signal they emit, the press denounced that a student is seen running mean while he/she does not belong to that university, is not good.

We must ensure that an institution is for example excluded from the Games for five or ten years, an athlete convicted of fraud sees his medals strip off, even after two, three, four or five years as is done internationally. We are open to help ensure that the University Games are improving, “said Prof. Nanfosso

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