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General News of Thursday, 30 April 2015

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Turkey to support youth projects

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The Minister of youth Affairs and Civic Education, Dr. Bidoung Mkpatt, granted audience to the Coordinator of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Dr. Alparsan Cevik, in his ministerial cabinet yesterday April 29, 2015.

During their discussion, Dr. Alparsan Cevik said the purpose of the visit was to give some basic information about TIKA. He said the TIKA office has been in Cameroon for only a few months and that the objective is to make the agency known to Cameroonian ministers.

Also, the visit was to strengthen existing cooperation ties between Cameroon and Turkey.

On his part, Minister Bidoung Mkpatt said the coming of the TIKA Coordinator is a happy solution as the population of Cameroon is made up of mostly youths.

Minister Bidoung Mkpatt also gave an opportunity to the heads of the different departments to present the needs of their services as far as the socio-economic integration of youths is concerned.

Concerning the youth projects, Dr. Alparsan Cevik said it was a short meeting and only a summary of projects were presented but TIKA will receive projects detail in their offices to see how they can be assisted. He said it is from these projects that TIKA can improve the situation of youths in Cameroon.

The Turkish Cooperation Agency is present in several countries in the world. Cameroon is the 15th African country to receive the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency.

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