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General News of Thursday, 30 August 2012

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Traffic Disrupted in St Michel Neighbourhood

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In spite of the fact that Douala authorities officially placed a ban to vehicles parking at or around Saint Michel junction, "Clando" drivers are kicking against the official regulation.

Former Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri, Bernard Okalia Bilai, was to clear the nagging traffic congestion mostly due to the abusive parking and use of roads by vehicle owners. The measure seemed welcome then, as those concerned with the decision immediately relocated to Dakar. Circulation around the junction became easier. The disorder soon resumed, particularly owed to the misuse of the junction by "Clando" vehicles in contravention of the ban. Almost every user of that stretch knows that the junction is no-go at rush hours.

They are several who struggle to catch people to transport. From 6am to around 8pm, you find them there. They invite customers by calling and even, sometimes, they attack them. From far, you can hear "Bonanjo", "Village", "Edea", "Boumnyebel" or "Yaounde" as they commonly say, to refer to the destinations.

Talking to Gambi, one driver, he said they operate clandestinely in this part of the town. "It is a fight between us and the police" he said. He wondered where the police wants them to go when they are there for the passengers, said Tchoupi another "Clando" driver. However, there are some drivers who have obeyed the order to park in Dakar.

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