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General News of Monday, 13 January 2014

Source: Cameroon Tribune

Total Communion With First Lady

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Wives of members of the diplomatic corps in Cameroon, those of national dignitaries and members of some specialized institutions on January 10, 2014 hugged, chatted and shook hands with the First Lady Chantal Biya as each of them wished her a happy and prosperous New Year 2014.

The convivial ceremony at the main residence of the Unity Palace was characterized by the handing of bouquets of flowers to Chantal Biya , individual and group souvenir pictures with her. Each person who wished the First Lady well went back home with her New Year gift.

In respect of tradition, the wives of members of the diplomatic corps set the ball rolling for the event. Odile Yoossem-Kontou, the wife of the Ambassador of Chad, Yoossem-Kontou Noudjiamlao, who is the dean of the diplomatic corps in Cameroon led the delegation. She handed a bouquet of flowers to the First Lady. After the hugs, hand shakes and chatting with each of the members, Chantal Biya shared a drink with them.

Part two of the ceremony in which wives of national dignitaries presented New Year wishes to the First Lady witnessed three perceptible innovations. Contrary to previous years in which the wife of the President of the National Assembly came first leading the delegation of the wives of bureau members of the House, Marcie Niat, the wife of the President of the Senate, Marcel Niat Njifenji set the ball rolling as she led the delegation of wives of bureau members of the Senate.

The second innovation was the delegation of female Senators led by the Vice President of the Senate, Genevieve Tjoues. The delegation of women trained on computer technology within the framework of horizon 100,000 women patronised by the First Lady were also present.

In all, members of 25 delegations of wives of the national dignitaries and specialised institutions presented New Year wishes to the First Lady. The ceremony ended in a spectacular manner when the First Lady moved round the various stands, shakings hands, waving amidst thunderous cheers and shouts of "Happy New to our First Lady" from the ladies. She equally shared a meal with some special guests as animation by a host of musicians took place.

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