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General News of Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Source: thestaronline.info

Tiko Taxation Chief consecrated Christ Apostle

Christians have been informed that God is too big for any human being to challenge Him. Pastor Patrick Simbo of Tabernacle of God ministry Dallas Meta Quarters, Kumba made this declaration on the occasion of the consecration of Issa Rhema, who is the Tiko subdivisisonal Tax boss to the priestly office of Apostle.

The consecration of Issa Rhema, attended by clergymen, representing other Christian denominations, friends, family members, within and without was effected by the Dr. Rev. Prof. Anyere Tah Godfred, Rev. Dr. Bishop Keti Ngute Ebassi and prophetess Vanessa Simbo.

In a message drawn from the Acts of the Apostles chapter 9, Pastor Simbo recalled that Paul, then Saul was the lead persecutor of Christians, adding that the learned Apostle later baffled many people, especially the Jewish people, when Christ met him head on the way to Damascus and his life immediately changed.

Continuing, Pastor Simbo added that what man says has no value to God and that the Tabernacle of God Ministry, though not qualified as human beings, were touched by God to consecrate Issa Rhema as an Apostle of Christ.

He further urged Apostle Issa Rhema to trust and obey only God, adding that depending on man means, working against God. In his testimony of Issa Rhema, Pastor John Tembang said the Tabernacle of God Ministry has through the will of God, not that of man, decided to consecrate Issa Rhema into the high spiritual office of Apostle.

In his prayer, Pastor Tembang prayed that the hand of God uphold and perfect Issa Rhema into his new spiritual office. Speaking to this reporter Apostle Issa Rhema said his consecration was the greatest event in his life, adding that henceforth his life will never be the same again.

On how he came to be consecrated an Apostle, Issa Rhema noted that during a certain church service in June 2013, the spirit of God, speaking though the man of God that Sunday revealed that someone in the Church, should be consecrated an Apostle, adding that before he knew it, the spirit of God carried him and he landed on the pulpit.

He further told this reporter that his “world position” as Sub Divisional Chief of Taxes in Tiko would not compromise his spiritual calling as an Apostle, and that henceforth he would dedicate more of his time in the service of God.

Before joining the Tabernacle of God Ministry, Kumba, Apostle Issa Rhema was an evangelist with the Maranatha ministry in Muyuka. He also briefly pastored the Arm of God church in Douala. Born in Tibati, the North Region of Cameroon, Apostle Issa Rhema is married with children.