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Opinions of Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Journaliste: Brian A. Fomukong

The renewed phenomenon in Cameroon

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Upon the introduction of Prophet T B Joshua and his Emmanuel TV to Cameroon, the ever miracle-searching population went viral, with negotiations to travel to Nigeria as well as make arrangements for even a spoonful of his anointing water.

The Emmanuel TV saga in Cameroon is one which has brought laughter to many households as well as pain. The controversy attached to the man of God and his activities cannot be over-emphasised.

It is true man will always have his opinion on whatever happens around him, and the ever readiness of men to embrace miracle, prophecy and breakthrough is one which no matter how had detractors try to rubbish miracle-working and vision-seeing men of God, their popularity, deeds, and signs and wonders will always put them in the limelight.

Cameroonians have always asked the unending question on when will Prophet T.B Joshua come to Cameroon, but reports from the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) say individuals or group of persons cannot invite the Prophet to a country, for he responds only to invitations from governments.

This reports hold that only governments can handle the security and protocol involved with the visit of the man of God, and the question Cameroonians ask is why has Yaoundé not made a request for TB Joshua to visit and satisfy his fans and followers in Cameroon.

Is Nigeria no longer our neighbours? Or does the government send invitation only when it involves mainstream churches? Probably, the death of other Heads of State who were close friends to the man of God must have frightened those in Yaoundé.

When Cameroonians thought the “Emmanuel TV Fever” was on its last legs, Wiseman John Chi changed the entire story with his triumphant return to the land of his forefathers. His coming has sent waves across the national territory as Cameroonians have moved from one capital city to the other just to touch his garment.

Though the young prophet is yet to make public if he is in Cameroon as a missionary from the SCOAN to win souls for the Master or gained his independence, there is a renewed allegiance to him and his mentor.

Though the timeless preaching from other men of God, urging their Christians to stay put and trust in God, a majority of Cameroonians one way or the other, do look up to miracle workers as the answer to their litany of problems.

The praise showered on the senior Prophet TB Joshua has not stopped those who are best at criticising, from playing their role. Concerns have been raised over his introduction of new anointed water whenever there is a difficulty or problem. The concern as to whether the power of God is given to his followers in proportions is still to rest amongst miracle-searching fanatics.

Be it as it may, the joy of the greater population is for the gratification of their immediate worries and the question on the authenticity of the man of God has been left in the hands of God. After all, He alone can judge.

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